Dr Kenneth Stewart

I want to help you to become a better and self-sustained artist.

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Electronics, Circuits and Effect/Amp Repair Composition for Performers Classical/Fiddle/Jazz Cello and Electric/Jazz Guitar Musicianship
Research Triangle, NC
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My gov't name's Dr. Kenneth D. Stewart but I'll respond to 'hey' and my friends in college called me KStew... you can call me Ken. My life's work is about making people better at what they do. I'm a caring and passionate provider with 20 years of performance experiece, 15 years of private instrument instruction experience with a decade of classroom teaching.

I look forward to hearing about your hustle and feeding your flow. I can help you be a better player on your instrument, a more confident improvisor, a more prolific content creator and I'll even teach you how your gear works and how to take better care of the equipment you've invested so much time and energy in.

Some Dr.KStew Pre-History
I grew up surrounded by vintage guitars, as my father is a collector of everything electric guitar. I began by helping my father electrify and place a homemade piezo pickup in an old ukulele at the age of four. I was so tiny that I could reach through the soundhole of the uke to the bottom to help him hold the 1⁄8” jack in place for its nut. Even at such a young age I tinkered with electric instruments and jumped at every opportunity to learn more about music, sound, electronics or anything that was going to fascinate my attention into a lifelong passion and successful career.

Even when I began studying cello, I continued to tinker and electrify anything I could get my hands on. While I earned a degree in cello performance my tinkering begat a love for the practice of written composition and sound organization, production and synthesis. When I completed my Ph.D in Music Composition from Duke University, I thus concluded nine years of graduate school devoted to creative music creation and collaboration. I've had performances held and recordings made of my compositions and Electronic tracks by noted ensembles from Classical and Jazz genres, such as The Bad Plus and the Wet Ink Ensemble.


Electronics, Circuits and Effect/Amp Repair Advanced $80.00
Composition for Performers Advanced $80.00
Classical/Fiddle/Jazz Cello and Electric/Jazz Guitar Advanced $80.00
Musicianship All Levels $50.00

Qualifications and Awards

Ph.D, Master of Arts in Music Composition
Duke University
Masters of Music in Composition
Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
Bachelor of Music Performance, Cello and Composition
The University of Arizona
Associate of Arts in Music, Arizona General Ed. Req's
Pima Community College